My Ascot escort redefined companionship as you know it.

After debating with myself and getting some encouragement from a girlfriend, I finally decided to try out an escort service for myself. Though I was hesitant about it, I have to say… it was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had of all my life, and best of all it was totally discreet. Reaching out and the process of picking out my ideal man was intriguing. It was all about making my fantasies come true. Once the appointment is confirmed, I felt the match was made in heaven.


My Ascot escort from redefined companionship as you know it. The attention provided was more than I had bargained for. His physique was phenomenal. I could feel the muscles in his body. Every moment counts, and I had a man willing to make me happy at whatever the cost of effort. While many think that these affairs are just physical, this is not the case. I had a strange emotional connection with him from the very beginning. It felt as if he actually cared for me


I did not have to say, though he knew exactly what I liked and made it a reality. I did not have to pretend to be something I am not as it was easy to impress. The compliments went a long way and were made with a sincerity I haven’t even known from real lovers. As evening approached, and formalities were set aside, we settled for a room in a nice hotel. We checked in and being the gentleman that he is, he pulled a few cushions close and we enjoyed the rest of the evening.


As the day started to subside, he offered to give me a massage. The feeling was heavenly and I did not have to spell it out. Right from my head all the way to the bottom I was yearning for more and boy did I get more. In a long while, I felt important and outstanding without having to try so hard to impress. Every hormone in my body was heightened and if he hadn’t taken it to the next level I would have lost my head.


Without a sexual encounter, my Ascot escort was everything I wanted and the services were marvelous. At the end of the day, I felt better about myself and had better self-esteem. It was an experience I will never forget. I still think about it and the impact is the same every time.


There will be an erotica boom and probably increase sales of handcuffs. But they’ll be surprised and should be warned that it isn’t exactly how Anastasia portrayed it – as a painful experience that she’s just doing because she loves him. BDSM can be enjoyable and both participants should agree on the level of pain and activity they’re going to participate with. Also, BDSM is not just about pain, it’s about the relay of power between the submissive and dominant. It pumps adrenaline to the body just like a roller coaster ride, but with pleasurable sensations.