I thanked Victoria Escorts for making me strong during my downfall in life

I am in the lowest point of my life especially when my girlfriend broke up with me. Aside from that my parents got into an accident and made my life more difficult. It was a painful chapter of my life, especially when you have no one to share your issues with and get comfortable. People look at me as a strong and fighter, when they do not know I am dying inside because of too much hurt and do not know where to start again. According to Victoria escorts of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love.


All my life, I just wanted to have a successful career, love life and give a comfortable experience to my family. We are denied of life before; we encounter lots of difficulties that sometimes we don’t have food to it. I asked my mother if she wants me to stop school, since I know she is tired and her little money lacks on our daily food, and our fees in school added her problem. My parents were only a typical citizen unlike the others they have not finish school and its more difficult for them to look for good work. They have no stable job; they are waiting for a call if there is a vacancy. Even the wage is low, and it takes a lot of energy and time for them it doesn’t matter anymore as long as they can bring food at home. We are four children, and all of us go to school. The good thing is that all of us is running of first honor in different levels. We never waste our parent’s sacrifices that on little achievements we made them happy and proud. We strive so hard to be included in a scholarship; it is more comfortable for my parents when we are granted free education.


When I was in college I met Mona; she came from a high-class family and most admired student in our school. She is beautiful and intelligent too. I got a chance to meet her when we are partnered to join in an event. We became closer together, and eventually, I courted her. She was the only woman I love so much. She is always there to make me smile and support in all life decisions.


We have a good relationship together, but suddenly she falls out of love which I don’t know why. She broke up with me and got another call from the hospital. My parents got into an accident, and it was excruciating. I don’t know how to manage everything; it’s like the world falls on me. I book Victoria escorts to be with me at night, she made me strong and told me some advice about life. I admired Victoria escorts because they know how to keep calm their clients. I thanked Victoria Escorts for making me strong during my downfall in life