Her First-Time Experience As An Escort

Barbara was so nervous about her first session as an escort. Although she had declined most invitations she received from her service, this time she was ready. She was a fresh graduate from college and blew up most job interviews. Plus, she was not so lucky with the jobs she had. So, she thought to try out a new line of work. Nevertheless, something was holding her back.

It was a strange experience because the client was also nervous. Probably because it was also his first time, but after a while, the tension cooled off. He was so straightforward and gave her the payment before they got to business. Being a newbie escort, she felt awkward about receiving money for sexual services. She went to the washroom to count the money to avoid showing guilt, which was written all over her face. These thoughts were washed away by the huge sum of money she got.

The client was satisfied afterward and even gave her some extra cash. He also wrote a positive comment on the agencies website, https://charlotteaction.org. He was older than her, maybe that’s why he was so nervous. He was after oral sex. To her, this would be an easy task. They spent the first few minutes talking. The discussion was mostly about soul music, and at some point, he began asking her to sing a song for him, but she politely declined. It was then he requested that they should get to work.

The oral sex was quite okay, and there was no weird stuff. The client wanted to come on her face, and she agreed because that didn’t bother her. It took so long for him to come and he was so much into grabbing her hair when giving it to her. He was also very gentle. After he had come, he stood there with his organ directly opposite her lips. The assumption she had was that he wanted her to clean it, but he told her to offer him another round because they had thirty more minutes left. She became a bit nervous because this wasn’t part of the bargain, but she had to please her client. Luckily, he didn’t take that long this time.

She was even getting into the mood, but it seemed he had had enough. They got up, and he began dressing as she took a quick shower. The session was perfect, and that’s not what she had expected. Afterward, as she was heading home, she thought of how awkward it initially was, and how different her next encounter would be.